Habits That Will Get You That Promotion

Habits That Will You Get That Promotion

Have you ever asked yourself, what are the things I can do to help me get promoted? What does my boss look for for his next manager? What are the traits that can help me become a CEO?

There are a lot of traits and skills that one must possess to be a great asset to a company. But what are the habits that you should learn and have to make it there?

Great people like Elon Musk, Steve Jobs, Peter Thiel, Bill Gates and Mark Zuckerberg have developed habits that made their dreams become a reality.

Here are 5 habits that will help you get that next promotion.

1. 4 AM or bust

 4 AM or bustThe early bird catches the worm. An old saying, a saying that has always been taught to us since kindergarten. Often overlooked but quite effective. An article on Forbes (https://www.forbes.com/pictures/gglg45gfd/benefits-of-early-risers/#571c0f491eb7) have featured benefits of early risers and the results have been remarkable. Students alone who have received a point more on their GPA than the rest of the population in their class, said they were morning people.

Waking up early is a sign of proactiveness. It also tells a lot about how you are able to conserve your energy. Getting your body up early in a day would accomplish more. Your brain is also muscle that you have to train. The testosterone levels are higher early in the morning and this is required by the body for energy to last the day. Developing a habit of waking up early creates better opportunities to accomplish more.

Having more time in your hands in your day is very productive. Not only does it allow you to be creative and do more but also it makes you a better planner. Being able to anticipate risks in your everyday activities allows to react better in difficult situations. Minimizing problems efficiently leads to a more successful execution of your plans. So get ahead, rise early and finish strong.

2. Get a library card

Get a library cardWell not necessarily, today, we have great and easy access to knowledge. Although to some, being on the internet is already enough to get caught up with the latest breakthroughs or to old literatures. But for many, owning books in your chosen field is still the way to go. Innovation starts from learning what was done before and making it better. Texts and literature and knowledge has been written down more than 2000 BC, https://andyrossagency.wordpress.com/2010/08/02/the-first-book-ever-written/. And that knowledge has been passed on until today. It would be waste to not use the references of great people.

Reading allows you to find opportunities in your personality, character, knowledge and build wisdom that would prepare you for the career you’ve chosen. Even a book as simple as learning on how to shoot a basketball would be very helpful for young aspirants to acquire the basics and maybe be good enough to play as a professional someday.

Picking up a book widens your vocabulary. Teaches you ways to explain situations, ideas, and make you better at communication. Communicating your desires, and actions will serve as a path to any career and this would be the foundation of any relationships in a workplace.

Grab a book now!

3. One task at a time

One task at a timeWe have been greatly preoccupied by technology. It is now a time wherein our mobile devices are as important as leaving the house without money in our pockets. We always have them. During meals, during conversations, during movies, during meetings and worse during important responsibilities when the situation should have required our full attention. This can also be called as multitasking. In some industries, this skill is an asset. But it can only bring you at a certain level, not the next. We tend to to be writing, at the same time waiting for a report, at the same time, talking over the phone, at the same time scrolling through our social media page. Jill Konrath who wrote. Agile Selling, said “multitasking is a myth.”

Any task or work that is important to our goals, require our 100% attention. For anything to succeed and for you to get optimal results you must not have any distractions while performing a task. Part of being successful is optimizing the time you’re working and the time you’ve allotted for that said task. We you set a goal, you must be to perform to get it and it requires your full attention, commitment and skills.

4. Never settle for a “good job”

Never settle for a “good job”The movie “Whiplash” is an example. Greatness only comes to those who are willing to go the extra mile and more remarkable than any good teammate, colleague or peer. Terence Fletcher, played by J.K. Simmons was an instructor who was known to push kids limits to get the best out of them. He never settled for just getting a good performance from his students. He required their out-most potential and effort. His was was not conventional in this movie but the lesson must be learned here. It teaches us that if we have done a good job at our field, there are others who are also doing the same. If you really want to be a cut above the rest and to get that promotion, you must do everything great.

If you were the student here, you must be open to feedback Allowing yourself to listen and learn more about your other opportunities is one of the greatest traits you will ever have. You will learn your limits and your strengths. Learning these makes you adjust to any situations and be flexible to challenges. Not everyone takes feedback very well and this is why this habit is on list. It takes quite a lot to be able to learn to take feedback and use it productively.

5. A strong minds requires a strong body


A strong minds requires a strong bodyMake time to train and strengthen your body. All of the great men and women today still find time from their hectic schedules to attend to their bodies. Warren Buffet a famous entrepreneur, former US President Barack Obama still plays basketball and exercises at least 45 minutes a day, and Anna Wintour the editor-in-chief of Vogue plays tennis.

Running or weightlifting or having any form of exercise, develop a habit of excellence. It helps your health to in-check and keeps the mind active. Sustaining a 30-45 minute workouts helps development endurance and stamina. These activities will teach you to be more patient and your levels of concentration will increase as well.

As you find your way in your career, these simple habits can go a long way.  A strong mindset on keeping to the commitment of chasing your dreams require all the help it needs. Invest in great habits. Invest in yourself and find ways to be in the company of people who has the same goals as you. Remember to start your day early and start it strong. Always pick up a good read. Give tasks your full attention. Never dwell in mediocracy and get fit, get that sexy mind a healthy body.


Only you can help you get that promotion and the habits you develop for yourself makes a difference.

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