Meet the Essential Monster Machines for Mining and Construction

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Mining and construction have been major industries in the whole world for decades, and they continue to expand today. Companies have purchased and rented numerous construction equipment and heavy machinery as a means to make their operations smoother and more efficient. That being said, you may want to consider purchasing or renting your own equipment if you’re interested in entering this lucrative industry.

Haul Truck

Exactly as it says on the label, this vehicle is used to haul and transport construction materials, such as gravel and sand, to and fro the construction site. It’s also used for moving ores, rocks, and other important materials acquired from the mines. Think of a typical dump truck. However, a haul truck is larger and more powerful, which help it carries its cargo no matter how heavy it is. It commonly sports eight wheels with all-terrain tires to fully support its weight, which can be useful when hauling items uphill or downhill.

Wheel Loader

The purpose of this machine is to help dispose of all the dirt that dozers and other construction equipment create. It’s also meant for loading equipment, haul trucks, and other similar transport vehicles that are required by constructions sites. Often mistaken for a dozer due to their similar appearance, it is utilized to move soil and other materials to other places or mining machinery for processing or transport. The biggest one to date is the LeTourneau L-2350, which weighs 234 tons and possesses 1715 kW of power. If you happen to need this sort of size and power for a project but cannot buy one due to certain constraints, check earthmoving equipment hire rates instead.

a wheel loader


Perhaps the most basic machine that any mining company needs to have at their disposal, dozers are made to push at least 70 to 100 tons of soil per pass, which makes them effective for clearing out the work area of debris or soil. Originally known as the bulldozer during the ’70s and ’80s, this reliable machine has seen many changes and upgrades throughout the years to further improve its capabilities and capacities. While dozers come in many shapes and sizes for varying purposes, the ones you will see at a mining site are the gargantuan-sized surface-mining dozers equipped with heavy-duty blades.


These are said to be the biggest of all the mining machines out there—even larger than the machines and equipment previously mentioned, and for good reason. They are used for surface mining, deep excavation, and retrieval of material from great depths, making transport easier and more convenient for both the workers and the engineers, thanks to their very long reach. Crawler, wheel mounted, and truck mounted are the most popular models of draglines.

The once arduous tasks in both construction and mining have been made simpler with the advent of these monster machines. They are a must-have for any self-respecting mining corporation or construction firm. Investing in them allows you to finish any project efficiently. This same machinery also has gone through various technological advancements and modern evolution. Sticking to the older models can affect your company’s capacity and effectiveness. Eventually, you will have to decide which of these machines are worth buying and which are meant for renting.

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