Mother Earth: Why People Need to Take Care of Trees

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The importance of trees is obvious, but there are still people who ignore the signs that they’re being neglected. A tree has a life that’s why everyone should put an effort to care for them. A tree trimming session in your Utah location, for instance, can help keep your trees healthier.

Below is the importance of trees that everyone should remember:

Trees for Life

Many will just give a cold shoulder, but trees produce oxygen. This is beneficial for every human life. One tree act as a filter for dirty air, therefore, a forest is a giant filter that is responsible for clean air. Trees help in keeping the environment cooler. It absorbs pollutants that are otherwise harmful to humans.

Trees can transform pollutants into less dangerous forms. Either that or it absorbs these and store it inside their bodies. The process is called phytoremediation, and this starts when the pollutants enter through the soil. Trees can also filter waste materials like sewage and farm chemicals, roadside spills, and animal waste.

Having trees encourage better health. As mentioned, trees act as filters so they trap dust and absorb other particles from the air. Each tree can remove up to 1.7 kilos of pollutants in the environment. That said, being around trees have a great impact on a person’s well-being. Some trees even have medicinal benefits like the birch bark, which have antiseptic properties.

Trees for the Environment

Trees can eliminate noise pollution. Putting tees in strategic spots in an area can filter noises from airports and national roads. Trees are as effective as stone walls when filtering noise.

Carbon dioxide is one of the greenhouse gases that harm the environment. This is a dangerous gas that can affect human and animal lives. Trees are beneficial in locking away this gas. Trees absorb and store carbon dioxide in its leaves, woods, and roots. The trees undergo this process to produce their food.

Soil erosion is when the topsoil and organic matter are a loss. These two are important in plants. Trees also combat soil erosion. The roots of trees act as binders for the soil while the leaves fight against the rain and wind to protect the soil. Trees are essential when fighting soil erosion because they minimize the sediments and water runoff after a storm. Trees also help in conserving water.

Trees for Everyone

trees for everyone

Trees give shade. It can make any day seem cooler. During the summer, you can lessen the use of air conditioning when there’s a tree near your house. This is because of its shade. Places, where there are no trees, are hotter.

Trees protect different micro habitats. They are homes for birds, fungi, insects, and lichen. Some trees are also sources of food for different creatures. You’ll be amazed at how many species can make one tree their home. This is how important trees are in the ecosystem.

Trees are truly important not just for animals but for humans too. An urban jungle has gotten too polluted with no trees around. Trees are also a source of inspiration and even stress-relievers for some. Taking care of trees is another way to take care of Mother Earth.

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