Things That Should be Taught in School


Before you got into the business, and before you were a wise professional, do you remember half of the things you have learned in middle school and high school?

Chances are you tried to think of a few things that remained in your temporal lobe. You probably think of things like the essays you wrote, the Math exams you failed, and some Romeo and Juliet plays. However, now that you are all grown up and dealing with adulting stuff, you cannot help but wonder, why are these things not taught in school?

It is upsetting, isn’t it? How there are many things that you are unprepared for in the real world. No one told you how to handle stress properly. No one taught you how to read the non-verbal cues of your coworkers in the office. No one really explained how home mortgage loans work. No one taught you how to deal with rejections in life.

Why do you think is that? They say a school is a place where everyone can be educated with knowledge, manners, and spirituality, unfortunately, the education system does not work like that.

Let’s indulge ourselves in the list of things we wished were taught in school.

How to be emphatic and kind

They say this starts at home with the parents, and that is why bullies are said to have an unfortunate family upbringing. In school, primarily in high school, you could assume that kids are taught to be kind and emphatic. Although it is true in most cases, there are still times when kids and young teenagers are too complicated to understand and educated by the faculty in charge.

Unfortunately, when a kid gets bullied in high school, there are always two outcomes. Either the bullied kid will rise above it and be confident, or he will develop low self-esteem while maturing. That is why no one can really say that compassion and kindness are promoted in high school, not with the existing bullying statistics in the country.

Your guidance counselor provided you with wisdom and advice to deal with your school problems. However, you are left with the task to remember the life lessons you got and apply them to your life. In the real world, you will not easily know how to deal with a co-worker who is taking advantage of your kindness, or a co-manager who is bypassing your authority.

How to be an adult

Teachers always say that you need good grades to get into a good school, but what does that mean exactly? If you get good grades, letters of recommendation, and above-average SAT scores, you’ll land yourself a spot in great colleges in the country. 

They told kids to work hard for their future. However, no one really explained how to be an adult with student debts and entry-level salaries. Teachers and professors alike teach subjects, give you considerations, and share their experiences, but no one really is prepared for the real world.

Close up of Teenage girls doing homework.

Graduates often come out of school with their ideals intact and get crushed after a few months of working. Fresh graduates come into work with lots of ideas and enthusiasm only to realize that they are not special and that everyone can do what they can. After graduating these youngsters will realize that they are back to ground zero and have to prove themselves again. Only this time, there are bills to pay, rents to save up for, mortgages, and insurances to prepare for.

How to introspect

Introspecting is the art of understanding yourself and being aware of your strengths, weaknesses, unhealthy tendencies, and areas to improve. In school, kids are only taught to be responsible and aware of their action’s consequences. While it is a good start, introspecting is not really an integral part of the curriculum just yet.

See, being aware and capable of labeling your emotions are helpful to carefully navigate life. You will find lesser mistakes and accidents caused by impulsive behaviors and actions. Being able to introspect also means that you know how to be decisive. You know how to do your pros and cons and arrive at a decision that will put you first while considering other factors. Being self-aware is important in being a business leader or a professional, it means you can wear a different hat at work and remain unbiased whenever you need to be.

Lastly and most importantly, when you are self-aware, it means you have the honor and a high set of morals that will help you become a better person, a better person, and a citizen of American society. It also means you have a higher chance to achieve self-fulfillment and happiness because you know what you want.

If you are already a young adult or a fully-fledged adult, it is better to know that there are things you learn on your journey forward. While it is frustrating that adults were never prepared, life is always about how you make it.

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