Top IT Outsourcing Myths You Should Stop Believing in Now

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IT outsourcing is no longer a cost-cutting exercise reserved for big corporations. Thousands and thousands of small- and medium-sized businesses are sending redundant, less complicated tasks to off-office or offshore outsourcing companies to cut down on costs.

However, there are still many who don’t outsource business and opt to stick with expensive in-house IT departments just because they have the wrong perception of outsourcing. While it is true that some IT solutions might need a dedicated team that reports to the office each day, demystifying the myths related to outsourcing could help you explore this option more, allowing you to chop down your operational costs.

Remote Teams are Harder to Manage

Even though you might not be able to call a physical meeting in the boardroom, you can still manage your remote teams well if you dig deeper into technology. For instance, video conferences and desktop sharing software like TeamViewer makes collaborating with an offsite team easier. Moreover, IT outsourcing companies have built their business model on a long distance topology. They mostly respond to messages and calls very fast to enhance their customer experience.

You can get seamless integration with an IT outsourcing agency as long as you’re willing to think outside the box of physical meetings and embrace the collaboration solutions the company uses to keep their clients in the loop.

Outsourced Teams Aren’t Fluent in English

While this might be true when outsourcing to countries that don’t emphasize English bilingualism, you can still get excellent teams from bilingual countries that teach English as a mandatory language in schools. Such countries have English as their second language, so the majority of the population won’t have trouble explaining or understanding challenging business concepts when collaborating with you.

man doing codingOnly Giant Corporations Can Afford to Outsource

In the 90s and early 2000s, outsourcing was mostly a large corporate thing. This gave rise to million-dollar contracts between big corporations and equally big outsourcing companies. The playing ground has changed now, and many small outsourcing businesses will gladly handle your IT needs no matter how trivial they might seem. All you have to do is contact them and schedule a virtual meeting to get started. Some even have service packages already in place, making hiring as easy as adding a services package to a shopping cart and checking out.

Outsourcing Always Gives Low-Quality Work

Many project managers have the notion that people outside the US or Europe lack the training and education and don’t have what it takes to handle technical IT jobs. This is not true. US is 26th in the global talent IT map. Many countries are better at IT, with some of them being Ukraine, Belarus, and Brazil.

Outsourcing your IT needs as a business is a great way to cut on costs. You can start small by having an in-house IT department manage the off-shore team before moving to outsourcing once you are confident of the service quality and no longer believe in any of the above-unfounded myths.

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